Project Portfolio

Capstone Project - Lavender Acres

This is my capstone project in college. I am working on this from 2/2019-3/2019. The requires ments for this project is to create a database and a website that allows users to login and make accounts. The code for this project used tutorials from this website. This is my current project. It is supposed to be an informational site about Essential Oils.

Dawn's CD Vault

This is a web app I am currently working on for myself. It will allow me to keep track of what CD's I already own when I go shopping. I want it to be able to search a database with drop down menus. I want to be able to sort the list of CD's by artist, genre and decade. I am in the process of learning how to do these things. This project and the Lavender Acres projects are being done side by side because their functions are so similar.

Pokemon Project

This is a small project I did to help me learn how to use JSON with PHP. I still haven't mastered it. I want to add sorting features to it so you can sort by base damage, Pokemon name or Pokedex number. The page prints data from a JSON version of the game master file of Pokemon Go.

Class Project - Noodle Page

This website was created for the Rasmussen College Fundamentals of Mobile Web Application Development class. The website is simple and uses Bootstrap and CSS to help with mobile responsiveness. The website connects to an Asian noodle themed database. I created the database and connected the website to the database using PHP. There is also a page on this site called Noodle Facts where I created a small random quote generator with JavaScript.

PHP Zodiac Exercise

This application will allow you to see what your zodiac sign is based on your birthday range. I wanted to practice more with how forms worked in php so I created this small application to allow me to work more with forms. I also never used switch statements in php.

Book Gallery Project

This is a project for one of my classes in Nov 2018. It will be a gallery of all my books when it is finished. The class is geared toward working with Bootstrap components so this project uses a lot of different Bootstrap features. I learned a lot about grids and carousels this term.

MUD Area Files

This is a collection of some of the areas I created for Chaos Mud. Some of this content overlaps with content from Dragon Swords Mud because I worked with both of these MUDs for a long time. They were both heavily modified Merc based MUDs. I want to share these with everyone because they were so much work and so dear to me for so long. I loved MUDs!

Unicornpoint WordPress Blog

I have an installation of Wordpress where I am learning to develop my own themes and plugins.

Coming Soon

A new project will be coming soon.

More Information

Who am I?

Dawn and Stephen

I recently sold my house and moved to Yuma, AZ from West Fargo, ND. I was born and raised in south Florida. I also lived in TN for almost years as well. I have a life partner, three cats, two kids and four grandkids. I have published books of zentangle patterns. For the past 6 years, I have worked as a massage therapist. I am excited to find a team to work with. I am constantly learning and hoping this move to Yuma will be a good experience.

Cover Letter

Updated - 08/07/2019

I finally graduated. I got my BS in computer science. Since then I've been through a lot. I moved to Yuma, AZ. I have begun doing internship positions for a couple of companies here in Yuma. I have learned to work with website templates and worked heavily with Bootstrap and CSS. I have also developed a small Wordpress plugin with PHP for tracking the price of gold. I've learned a ton of stuff since I left school. I have now worked with GitKraken, Photoshop and Gulp. I am seeking a team of nice people to work with and learn from.


I have had classroom experience working with the following technologies and code languages.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Wordpress
  • GitHub
  • Databases
  • PHP

Future Goals

Now that I have graduated and moved and have actually worked in the industry here, I think I'm going to focus on PHP and Wordpress development. Its taken me a very long time to pin down exactly what I want to focus on because there are so many really cool development paths out there. I know PHP is older but, I like it and it is in demand here.

Shooting Star


I thought I had waited too long to go back to school. I was under the impression that computers were not as relevant as they once were. Many people I know don't have home computers anymore. Our home looks like a command center with monitors everywhere. School lifted the veil for me. Computers are more relevant than ever. The technology is ever-present and invisible. Everything is connected to everything now. I am so excited to begin working in this field.I am in love with augmented reality and the IoT. Before school, I did not know what these things were. I did not know there was an IoT. I knew there were Fitbits and phones but, I did not understand that everything is now communicating. It did not sink in. I would love to be involved with something like this or maybe a digitization program. Many museum collections are being digitized and cataloged and made interactive online for the public to groove with. I would love to help with something like this.

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